1. E

    24’’ Tikka Tac A1 + IMR4451 + 147 ELDM + CCI450

    Hello, Looking for guidance for the above in Lapua SR brass. Also looking to pick up some RL16 & 26, although heard good things about the IMR Enduron range. Thanks!
  2. dj70

    Std .308 M1A Load BLC-2 147grn fmjbt Winchester

    .308 62 deg - elevation 1220' - no crono. distance 109 paces, damn close to 109 yds. peep sights, front sand bag rest, rear bag with cross arm adjustment. Brass, LC Match, fl sized w/ sb dies, CCI 34 primers, OAL 2.8" 47.5 gr shot the best with a vertical spread on about 2.5" and a 1.5" width...