1. T

    .308- 1:10 twist rate- are 150gr bullets hopeless?

    Getting my 308 rebarreled its an 18.5" 1:10 twist barrel. Most of my bullets are 150gr- what are the effects on twist rate. Is it a definite thing that 150gr bullets will suck as I hear these 1:10 are best with the heavier pills
  2. Bigwheels

    150gr Balistic tip in DPMS LR308?

    I was wondering if anybody has had any problems running tipped bullets in thier DPMS/AR-10 auto's? Do the tips break off or something? Thanks.

    .308 Winchester silvertip 150gr bullet pricing

    I just bought about 300 pounds of reload bullets which are mostly .308. There are 1000 Win silvertip 150 gr bullets that I want to sell. Does anyone know what they are worth???
  4. Highground

    Range Report .308 Federal 168gr Gold Medal or 150gr NBT?

    I have a local source for Federal .308 ammo. They have 150gr. TRU Nosler Ballistic Tip in stock. I can get 168.gr Gold Medal Sierra MK for the same price, however they recently sold out and have some on order(so Ireserved a case). For a Rem 700 5R Milspec, should I hold my breath and wait for...
  5. JCH

    Hornady 30cal 150gr SST

    I have looked on Midway, Natchez, Graf and Sons, Cheaperthandirt and did a google search and still can't find any. Anyone have any ideas on where else I can find some?
  6. P

    RL 22 with 150gr in 30-06

    Hi all this is my first post and was looking for something I didn't find using the search.. I just bought a Savage 30-06 and was going to work on some loads for it. I have 6lb of RL 22 and about 700 150gr Spear points any ideas?