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  1. Jdowney37

    Reloading Equipment Sierra 6.5 bullet sale

    Selling some extra bullets that are taking up space on the reloading bench. Only trades that I’m interested in are for Berger 153.5 hybrids, Hornady .30 230 A tips and 6.5 153 A tips. 4 new boxes of Sierra 6.5 142gr Matchkings, 400 total. Asking $220 shipped 2 boxes (1 opened, but still full...
  2. T

    .308- 1:10 twist rate- are 150gr bullets hopeless?

    Getting my 308 rebarreled its an 18.5" 1:10 twist barrel. Most of my bullets are 150gr- what are the effects on twist rate. Is it a definite thing that 150gr bullets will suck as I hear these 1:10 are best with the heavier pills
  3. Bigwheels

    150gr Balistic tip in DPMS LR308?

    I was wondering if anybody has had any problems running tipped bullets in thier DPMS/AR-10 auto's? Do the tips break off or something? Thanks.

    .308 Winchester silvertip 150gr bullet pricing

    I just bought about 300 pounds of reload bullets which are mostly .308. There are 1000 Win silvertip 150 gr bullets that I want to sell. Does anyone know what they are worth???
  5. Highground

    Range Report .308 Federal 168gr Gold Medal or 150gr NBT?

    I have a local source for Federal .308 ammo. They have 150gr. TRU Nosler Ballistic Tip in stock. I can get 168.gr Gold Medal Sierra MK for the same price, however they recently sold out and have some on order(so Ireserved a case). For a Rem 700 5R Milspec, should I hold my breath and wait for...
  6. JCH

    Hornady 30cal 150gr SST

    I have looked on Midway, Natchez, Graf and Sons, Cheaperthandirt and did a google search and still can't find any. Anyone have any ideas on where else I can find some?
  7. P

    RL 22 with 150gr in 30-06

    Hi all this is my first post and was looking for something I didn't find using the search.. I just bought a Savage 30-06 and was going to work on some loads for it. I have 6lb of RL 22 and about 700 150gr Spear points any ideas?