1. skulldragr17

    Reloading Equipment SOLD

    About 550 Berger 168gr Hybrids. These are 3 different lots (thanks to OTM Tactical). $200 shipped No Trades
  2. T

    168gr vs 175gr .308 POI crossover

    Well I looked all over the net for this but couldn't find it so I decided to be the first! So, I've only attempted at 100yds so far... But the poi of both loads is the same at that range. I have the drop chart taped to my stock (of each load, FGMM 168 and 175) out to 900 yds. At 900, the poi...
  3. K

    I am out of good ammo, anyone know where I can find some .308 168 or 175gr

    I have a GAP .308 which will not take any old ammo, so I am looking for some good quality ammo, properly sized, at a non-gouger price. Sadly I cannot reload at this time. I am ordering from SouthWest both new and reloads but wanted to try some other makes as I decide what this rifle likes...
  4. serpnt

    .308 load using IMR4895 and 168gr Amax?????

    I'm looking for a load using Fed brass Win WRL primers IMR 4895 Hornaday 168gr A-Max Its what i have on hand and need a decent load to use for an informal match this wknd... Rifle is 26" Bartline 1-10 5r I'vs searched the loads section but havent found any with this combo......
  5. S

    Hornady AMAX VS Sierra Matchking 168GR

    What has your gun liked better? I was thinking about giving them a try. I shoot mostly Sierra's but the A-MAX seems to be a little easier to get these days and a little less cost never hurts either! Jeff
  6. LoneWolfUSMC

    Weideners 168gr BTHP

    WTF over? I bought 500 of these awhile back. I only loaded and shot about 100 of them because they had horrible accuracy. I figured out why. The weights were all over. So I sort them by weight and get them down to .5gr groups. I throw them in the cabinet and forget about them. Now with...
  7. splean

    168gr 300WM?

    Hey guys, So over the weekend I was at the range trying out different loads for my Savage model 110 in 300WM. I have been reloading now for a couple of years and feel I have the mechanical/procedural aspect down pretty well. Lately I've been wrapping my head around the physics based theories of...
  8. Dsparil

    Range Report 168gr to 800 yards

    which is best? FGMM Black Hills Winchester Ballistic Supreme ? looking for a 168 that'll go to 800 yards easily.
  9. Highground

    Range Report .308 Federal 168gr Gold Medal or 150gr NBT?

    I have a local source for Federal .308 ammo. They have 150gr. TRU Nosler Ballistic Tip in stock. I can get 168.gr Gold Medal Sierra MK for the same price, however they recently sold out and have some on order(so Ireserved a case). For a Rem 700 5R Milspec, should I hold my breath and wait for...
  10. Dsparil

    Range Report 168gr + barrel length to 800 yards?

    what barrel length minimum?