1. T

    168gr vs 175gr .308 POI crossover

    Well I looked all over the net for this but couldn't find it so I decided to be the first! So, I've only attempted at 100yds so far... But the poi of both loads is the same at that range. I have the drop chart taped to my stock (of each load, FGMM 168 and 175) out to 900 yds. At 900, the poi...
  2. K

    I am out of good ammo, anyone know where I can find some .308 168 or 175gr

    I have a GAP .308 which will not take any old ammo, so I am looking for some good quality ammo, properly sized, at a non-gouger price. Sadly I cannot reload at this time. I am ordering from SouthWest both new and reloads but wanted to try some other makes as I decide what this rifle likes...
  3. H

    Hunting & Fishing 175gr MKs vs. Wild Hogs

    Shot these with my .308 this weekend with 175gr MKs loaded to about 2670fps. Black one was taken at about 80 yards. Shot was just behind right shoulder. Exit was small, about the size of a quarter. Found first blood drops about 80 yards from where I shot him, and blood trailed him about 40 yards...
  4. S

    Recipe for federal GMM 175gr

    Anybody ever try to figure out the load recipe for Federal GMM <span style="text-decoration: underline">175gr</span>? My friend has an AI AE that shoots this stuff incredibly accurate. He does not reload yet, but I do, and I was wanting to find a load for him for when he does start reloading...
  5. Dusty

    155gr. or 175gr.?

    I have been shooting 175gr. SMK in my .308, but was thinking about trying some 155's. I remember a post a while back, where somebody said that they where shooting a 155 load that would come close to the ballistics as a .300 WM as far as wind and drop. I couldn't find it with the search engine...
  6. B

    7mm mag 175gr SMK- how much jump

    Starting to work on some loads for a 7mm Win Mag using 175gr SMK and was looking for a good place to start on how far off the lands to load. The rifle: Robar SR90 24" 1-9" twist McM A3 Looked in the reloading depot and could not find many loads for 175 smk that gave distance off lands. Thanks...

    Pics of my new Projo. 175gr.

    Finally took a few pics of the new projo for all to see. [/img]
  8. C

    Range Report 175gr FGMM or BHA out of a 16" -17" barrel?

    Anyone here shooting 175gr factory match ammo out of short barrels know what velocities you are getting ?
  9. cypriss32

    Corbon 175gr SMKS COAL

    It appears the old thread that had the info about how corbon loads there 175gr 7mm SMKS in 7wsm was deleted. I need to find out there COAL because I lost my 7wsm load paper at the range today. It flew away in the wind
  10. R

    308 175gr FMJBT sniper projectiles from Wideners

    Anyone have any range reports on the 308 175gr FMJBT sniper projectiles the Wideners sales? Are they accurate? Any load data. Thanks Robert
  11. Dsparil

    Range Report Hunting Shack .308 175gr

    anyone ever try any of this ammo? worth it?
  12. USMCj

    Anyone try NOSLER Custom Comp 175gr HPBT?

    I know that Nosler Custom Comp bullets are copies of SMK's but they are also cheaper, so I was wondering if anyone had tried the 175gr pills out of their precision rig and how they compared to SMK's.