1. Center Mass

    Berger 7mm 180 VLD's

    I can't find them anywhere and I'm sure I'm not the only one. If anyone has a line on them or has some extra's they don't need/want, let me know. I'm only looking for 2 boxes or so. Just enough to run my 7wsm out to +/- 1500yds a few times. Thanks for the help, CM
  2. ChadTRG42

    7mm-08 with 180 VLD- doable?

    Can you seat a 180 Berger VLD in a 7mm-08 case to about ~2.840"-2.860" and the ogive not go below the case neck? I was curious if this would work feeding from an AI mag and the bullet be out far enough to touch the lands and still feed from a mag?
  3. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing 180 bergers in Rem WSM Action

    Does a Remingtom WSM receiver (used for a custom 7wsm) need to have the feed ramp altered to feed 180 bergers out of an AICS mag? TIA
  4. M

    Range Report .308 180 Grain SMK accuracy?

    Hello everyone: I just purchased 3 boxes of the Fiocchi 180 grain SMK load for my 16 inch 1 in 10 twist LAR-8. Unfotunately I can't get to the range for a while Does anyone have experience with this load? How accurate is this load out to 100 and 200 yards? I hear that a 1 in 10 twist tends...
  5. silverphoenix

    Stupid question..where's all the 180 grain .308's?

    I got 5 boxes about 2 months ago and now it seems like it no longer exists! Everywhere is sold out--all they have is 150's and 168's... even the 3006 180 grain ammunition is nowhere to be found... Where did it all go? Does anyone use the heavier ammo for their .308/3006 here? If so, where do you...