1. lowlight

    2000MR w/ Berger 185gr Juggernauts

    I managed to score an 8LBS jug of 2000MR and I have 500 Juggernauts, I know a few guys were using this combo, so the question is, what's you load with this combo ?
  2. T

    185gr Berger VLD in .308 Win Load?

    I've been looking everywhere for this, anyone happen to have any of their own? I'd be interested in the 190gr as well. Thanks
  3. S

    185gr and 1/12 twist?

    Hello, I have a thousand or so Lapua 185gr D46 bullets. I was wondering if these would be accurate through a 24" 1/12 twist L-W barrel? I know longer bullets like faster twists and these things are pretty long. Here's a sample pic:

    185gr. Projos

    Just got a tub of 1.200 jackets from J4 so I made up some 185gr. Projos. I will try to shoot some this weekend to see how they do. Mike