1. G

    1903 springfield help/suggestions

    Hey everyone I am new to this site and this is my very first post. I went to a gun show yesterday and picked up a 1903 springfield that has been somewhat sporterized and the stock cut down. It's a little rough but I thought for $225 it wasn't a bad deal and I'd hate to see a gun like that go to...
  2. B

    Rifle Scopes Help identifying scope - Came off a 1903

    This scope came off a Springfield 1903 that I bought in the mid-90's. Took it off, put something else on there and this has sat in a box ever since. Ran across it recently and was thinking of reuniting the two. Used it for the first few hundred rds and it was actually pretty decent for being so...
  3. G

    1903 A4 Sniper rifle Replica

    Looks interesting. List price in the magazine was $999.00. http://www.gibbsrifle.com/index.html Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this company. Just thought it was a good reproduction at a reasonable price.
  4. desertrat1979

    1903 scope

    Friend of mine has a sporterized 1903. It has an old bausch and lomb scope 4x on it. The scope is shot out, and will not track at all. He wants to put a modern scope on it. Iron sights it works great, the rifle is accurate, but he wants the scope. I am trying to find a mount that doesnt require...