1. grassy knoll

    SOLD .300 Win. Mag. 190 grain Federal Gold Medal Match

    20 rounds .300 Win Mag Federal Gold Medal Match 190 grain Sierra Matchking BTHP $50+$5 shipping.
  2. D

    Range Report Cor-Bon 190gr SMK vs. Federal GMM 175

    Greetings, All. I've had this buzzing around in my head for the past couple of days... Any of you have an opinion regarding the Cor-Bon .308 190gr. SMK ammo, especially versus a benchmark 175SMK like Federal or Black Hills? Does the better BC of the 190 offset its greater weight at longer...
  3. D

    Best twist for .300 WM - 190gr. Black Hills Match

    I'm putting together a rifle , using an AIC stock . I plan on using a 26" Rock Creek M-40 profile barrel . It will be threaded for the SWR OMEGA 300 muzzle can . My main load will be the Black Hills 190gr. Match , although I may handload . What's the best twist ? I've had conflicting opinions...
  4. LSUbeatUby40

    Choose... 190gr SMK's or 190gr Berger VLD's..

    Since me and a buddy decided to go into reloading, I need some match bullets for shooting the 30-06..