22lr ammo

  1. The4GunGuy

    SOLD ELEY 22LR Match Ammo - 20 boxes

    THES ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD Selling 20 boxes (2 bricks, 1,000 rnds) of ELEY Match 22LR. One Brick is a single Lot #. Other Brick has 8 boxes of same lot and 2 boxes from another lot. Selling both together for $385.00 SHIPPED to a legal ship-to state. I'm in Spring, TX, North of Houston and if...
  2. DaleAGribble

    SOLD ROOM CLEANOUT - 22ammo-rings-brass-SAP bags-

    It's gun room clean out season and I've got some stuff I'm not using so time to list it ********RINGS******** KELBLYS 34MM picatinny rings- used on 22lr for 2 matches, great condition - $100shipped **price drop $90 shipped** Bagder ord 34mm steel rings (full disclosure 1 stripped hole...