22lr can

  1. PepperX

    Silencer (can) cover for 22LR

    Have a Dead Air Mask HD22 and am looking for a nice looking can cover for it. I know it doesn't get hot enough to mess with the sight picture through optics. Would be nice to find something quality that I don't have to cut down myself and actually fits the can.
  2. K

    My 10 year olds first time behind a bolt gun.

    Little video of my son breaking in his new 16" CZ 455 Precision Trainer. This is his first time shooting a bolt gun so he is still getting used to manipulating the bolt, plus it is brand new and will hopefully smooth out. I am planning to add a new trigger and an oversized bolt knob to hopefully...
  3. M

    Suppressors WTB can for 22lr mag rated

    I am looking for a 22lr can that is mag rated so I can run it on my 17hmr. I want one for my 556 but I was told that I can get one for my 762 and run it on my 556 as well. I am looking for at this point a 22lr can. if I can run a 556 can on my 22lr then thats the route I would like to take. I am...