1. Z

    Advanced Marksmanship 250gr vs 300gr

    Hello fellow shooters. Can some one with more ballistic knowledge then me, tell me the exact science behind why a 300gr bullet has a lower V/0 then a 250gr. I know that heavier objects has slower acceleration force. But if some one are able to elaborate this, i would be greatful.
  2. L

    Sierra .338 300gr Bullets found

    If anyone is looking for these I found some locally for $45 a box.
  3. Shadow_Warrior

    Any suppliers have .338 Lapua 300gr bullets

    Any suppliers have .338 Lapua 300gr bullets in stock?
  4. R

    Have a .338 300gr Scenar and a bullet comparitor?

    I'm looking for dimensions on both a .338 300gr Lapua Scenar and a 300gr Sierra SMK. I would like overall length and base to Ogive dimensions. Thanks!