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  1. K

    Load development powder start?

    Hi I am planning on developing a load for my 20", 11/1, 308 with Berger 185 juggernaut, vv n550, cci 250, lapua brass. I want maximum safe velocity and my question is: Do I really have to start at the minimum powder amount in the load manual to be safe? It is about 41grains and to me it seems...
  2. Ghogs Nightmare

    Completed Ap4 308...well mostly

    Well basic DPMS Ap4 308 with a few add ons: Magpul Moe stock PRI folding front/rear sights Magpul Miad Grip Primary Weapon System Brake/Comp GGG QR Mount with scope covers Trijicon ACOG TAO1 *THANKS LIBERTY OPTICS!!!! Scott's awesome buy with confidence! . This is a quick 5rnd group with...