1. fp120

    Firearms Fightlite SCR 450bm

    For sale today is my 450 Bushmaster AR15. In addition, the Fightlite monicarlo lower will accept any AR15 upper. The gun has had 21 rounds fired through it. The fightlite SCR montecarlo is now discontinued but they still make parts for the pistol version which all parts are the same. This is a...
  2. I

    Loads for the 450 Dakota

    Hello, I'm new to snipers hide, and was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with the 450 Dakota. I'm building one off of a ruger #1. I'm curious about load data and accuracy at longer ranges.
  3. E

    CCI 450's for 223AI?

    I got my hands on a 1000 CCI 450's today and was wondering if anyone's tried them in 223AI with RL15 and 75gr AMAX's
  4. P

    223 AI with CCI 450 primers?

    Anyone use cci 450 primers in the 223 AI or is this primer too hot for the 223? I have quite a few on hand, but am running low on cci 400 and fed 205. Since the 450's are hotter, would I need to load down on the powder charge? Thanks in advance. Just trying to make due with what I've got and...
  5. J

    Amount of drop for a .450 BC .30 cal bullet?

    Any ideas on the amount of drop for a .30 cal bullet with BC of .450 traveling at 2600fps? Specifically, what will the drop be (with a 100 yard center) at 200 and 300 yards? Also, will the bullet remain supersonic at 1k yards? Thanks!