1. Brushout

    Here's my Rem 504 after some Krylon!

    Ok, please send some constructive comments. This is my first paint job. I tried to do a desert "smear" camo and it sucked. So, I did it like this instead. Its a .17HMR 504T and its a VERY accurate shooter. I just picked up a scope, so once I get some rings to fit it, I will post some...
  2. P

    20 MOA base for Remington 504?

    Does anyone know who makes a tapered base for a Remington 504? I can't get past 250 yds without one. Called EGW and they can make a custom one, but need either the receiver blueprints or the receiver and about 8-10 weeks. Kind of wanted to shoot the rifle this year! Offset rings would work...
  3. W

    Remington 504 bolt problem

    Wanted to check around and see if anyone else has ran into this. I picked up a used 504 .17MK2.I know the fellow well that I got it from and if it's been fired at all it isn't much. Tore her down to clean and adjust the trigger. I dry fired her four times on a snap cap and the cocking...
  4. S

    Base for Rem 504?

    Looking for a good one piece base for a 504. Any suggestions?
  5. Supersubes

    Rem 504 owner's heads-up

    I own a standard Remington 504. I recently found new remington 504 heavy barreled laminate stocks on-line at e-gun parts for $47. I recived it today and I'm very happy with it. The stock has pillars alreadys installed as well which will make my bedding job a bunch easier. Smokin deal for for a...
  6. oldgrayone

    1 piece base for a 504???

    I have settled on a 504 for my rimfire and during the research I see that they can be a hit or miss with accuracy so I am going to go ahead and get the Lilja drop in kit. I am having problems finding a one piece base for the receiver. Is there any any such critter available or at least one that...
  7. A

    597 and 504 compatibility

    Does anyone know if Remington 597 mags will fit a 504? I have a 504, but some mags with a higher capacity than 6 would be nice!! The mags look similar in pics, but need to know from someone who has tried before I import some mags.