1. vprtoad

    541-T mag

    anyone know were to get another 10rnd mag for a 541T
  2. ltfirehunter

    MOA base for Rem 541T

    I have a Rem 541T and I am trying to find a 20 MOA base to go on this rifle. I currnently have a Leupold 1 piece base on it now with 1 inch rings and looking to maybe changing to a scope with a 30mm tube. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. ltfirehunter

    Rem 541T trigger upgrade

    I have a Rem 541T and would like to replace the trigger with a better lighter one that will adjust down in the ounces. Any Ideas?
  4. Phylodog

    Remington 541-T serial number?

    I got a Remington 541-T in to do a transfer for a buddy of mine but I can't find a serial number on it. Anyone know where to look?