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  1. S

    SOLD WTS: Two 200rd PMC X-TAC 55gr 5.56 Battle Packs (400rds total) - SOLD

    SOLD I accept discreet PayPal G&S or Venmo. No notes. Two sealed PMC X-TAC 55gr Battle backs. (400 Rounds total). Asking $210 Shipped + G&S Fees.
  2. WolverineAtWork

    RL-15 for .55gr .223 loads?

    I picked up the last 5lb jug of Reloader-15 at my local GS thinking that I could replace the scarce BLC(2) as my plinking/practice load in the AR. Well, it turns out that RL15 is apparently used for heavier bullets, but I have seen a few folks using it for 55gr rounds. Anyone have any...