1. Tactical30

    62gr. Barnes

    Has anyone had good accuracy with a AR (.223) using Barnes 62gr. Tac-X Boat-tail M/LE bullet? Are they good for target (accuracy) or just for penetration?
  2. Tactical30

    Good powder for 62gr. bullet?

    Im new to reloading and i am going to test some 62gr. HP Match bullets and was wondering what are some good powders to use from Hodgdon, IMR, Reloader or Vihta Vuori for a 62gr. Bullet? Anyone know any bullet manufacturers that make a 62gr. HP Match bullets besides Remington??
  3. Tactical30

    who makes a 62gr. HPBT Match/ Reloading use

    I get sub-moa down to 1/4" groups at 100yrds all day with a Remington 62gr Premier Match ammo in my AR-15(custom built). I am new to reloading and am trying to find a 62gr Match HP bullet I can use for reloading. I cant seem to find any manufacturers that make them. It shoots 52gr.factory ammo...

    Mil-Spec M855 62gr.

    Does any one know the B.C. of this bullet? Thanks for any help, Pete Pi Jr. Cor-Bon Ammo Inc.
  5. C

    .223 reloads specifically 62gr m855

    Need your data and results for the following. load for 5.56/223 62gr m855 win or lc brass TIA!
  6. mavrick10_2000

    Natchez has NATO M855PD 62gr Green Tip in Stock

    LIke the title says. In lots of 1000. Someone buy some so I can buy a few boxes off of you. LOL