1. earthquake

    McMillan A4 stock fit a Remmington 700PSS?

    I have an IBA TPR which is built on the 700PSS platform and tweaked some. Link: http://www.deathfromafar.com/htm/08_iba_weaponsys_tacticalprecision.shtml The HS stock that comes with it does not fit my hand very well, and its non-adjustable. I wanted to upgrade to the McMillan A3 - A5 style...
  2. long range fire

    Is my rifle Remington 700PSS in Accuracy Int'l 1.0

    I just got a new rifle. It's a .308 Remington 700 PSS on AICS 1.0 stock, and Nikon 2.5-10x44 Tactical scope. Do you have more info on whether this combination would make it a good medium range rifle? I'm wondering if it's enough glass for the gun, or maybe I can use a cheaper scope since I'm not...
  3. V

    700PSS barrell life

    any opinions on the barrell life of a 700 pss .308 barrell life, with 800 rounds down the tube and same wear and tear on the action, but well maintained?
  4. D

    Looking for info on 700PSS stock

    Does anyone have info on this stock? Who makes it? Thoughts and opinions appreciated. Have a friend that is looking at this rifle. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. T

    Rifle Scopes $500 to spend on glass & mount/ring for 700PSS 308

    I'm new to bolt action and long distance shooting. I've been reading alot on the FAQ and leard a ton. I can't wait to get out and start shooting my new rifle...well it was used but this is my first so it's fine. I want to shoot 400-600yds decently. Finer the better but I'm sure I'll suck...