1. Billiam1211

    SOLD WTS / WTT - 16 LBS of H335

    I'm in northern IL, looking to sell or trade H335 for something I can use to shoot heavier bullets in my AR. I have 2 jugs that I'm not using. Please feel free to reach out for more info.
  2. C

    MK262 Mod-1 "Hasty" Dope Cards Mk12 & M4A1

    Hello all, I have created these dope card for my mk12 and my m4a1 w/an LPVO. I hope you find them useful. The purpose of these charts, in tactical theory, is to increase first-round hit probability against targets (uncertainty variables of range and wind adjusted). Then the user will adjust the...
  3. skyewalker

    Reloading Equipment Berger 77gr OTM tactical (200x)

    $60 shipped, 2 unopened boxes of 100.
  4. J

    Copycat Load 223 Black Hills 77gr smk, any data??

    was wondering who knows the load for the factory black hills 77gr 223 round. Like to know powder and how many grains, and primer. Any pet loads would be great to know for the 77gr smk. thanks ya'll
  5. J

    Black Hills 77gr WHITE box

    Gentlemen, Does anyone have experience with .223 Black Hills 77gr hollow point Match ammo. I want a Mk262 type 77gr round for a Noveske Stainless upper I have on order. I was told this is Factory reloads from once fired brass, that it is in the white box due to blemishes on the cases. Other...
  6. H

    Bullet OAL on SMK 77gr .223

    Does anyone have a 77 gr .223 SMK that they can measure the BULLET dimension for me please? Google and a site search aren't netting me anything. I bought a bunch of Amax's only to find they won't fit in my magazine. Thanks.
  7. Guns4570

    Lapua .223 77gr Scenars available....

    Hey Guys...seems I am getting stuck with 6k of these from a mistake during picking for the group buy. If any one wants 1-6 k of them PM me for price. Thanks.
  8. blboyd

    .223 with a 77gr SMK???

    I just built up another AR but instead of the typical 16" or even 20" barrel... I put on a 24" Fluted Bull Barrel. I took it out this last weekend and ran some cheap 55gr FMJ at 50yds doing a barrel break-in. It placed 5rds in the same hole so I'm a little excited to load some heavy match-grade...
  9. corrigidor

    Range Report Best factory 77gr SMK for a SPR

    Any opinions-- FGMM out of my Noveske 18" is only clocking at 2500ft/sec. Without having to roll my own.. is there anyone else making hotter 77gr match load (MK262 stuff aside)? Corbon perhaps? Core