7mm rem mag

  1. Newbie2020

    SOLD WTS: 7mm bullets and 7mm Rem Mag brass

    .284 cal / 7mm bullets: 300 150 gr Sierra MatchKing HPBT (all single lot) 100 162 gr Hornady SST 53 168 gr Berger VLD Hunting 57 168 gr Sierra MatchKing HPBT 75 162 gr Hornady BTSP 33 120 gr Hornady flat base Spire Point $165 shipped TYD for all bullets together. 40 cents per bullet if you...
  2. Bourbon_and_Bullets

    Accessories WTB: 7mm Ammo

    Looking for 7mm ammo. Would like to buy in bulk: 162 precison hunter ELDX (preferred) 168 ABLR Nosler Trophy Grade
  3. jackdesert

    Reloading Equipment SOLD ALL 7mm Rem Mag Hornady Once Fired and Virgin Brass, and Lee Standard Dies,

    For sale: SOLD ( slightly < or > than ) 200 pieces of once fired Hornady 7mm Rem Mag brass along with 44 pieces of unmolested brass with CCI 250 primers from the same lot. About 40 pieces of the once-fired brass are from some factory Hornady ammo (gold primers ). $120 SOLD 7mm Hornady 180...
  4. Eric_F

    Reloading Equipment SOLD 7mm RM brass, SOLD

    I've got 148 once fired 7mm Rem Mag brass cases, Remington (R-P) brand for sale. Cleaned and deprimed. Looking for $70 shipped OBO.
  5. Yochran

    Rifle Scopes Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24x50 SFP, Yay or nay?

    Hey forum, On may 14th or 15th I will be going down to North Carolina and Tennessee to visit my extended family, and my dad and I are planning to take a day to just shoot. The ranges we have already bought our targets for are 100, 300, 500, and 1000 Yards. I'm using a 7mm Rem Mag with a 3-9...
  6. Yochran

    KRG Bravo for Howa 1500 (7mm Rem Mag)

    Hello forum, I’m going to start of by saying that my rifle as of now, is set up for hunting and long range shooting. With the coronavirus, school ended for me prematurely, leaving plenty of time for me and my dad to go hunting and shooting. I have my rifle zeroed at 100 yards, and since before...
  7. Yochran

    Gunsmithing Threads for suppressor on Howa 1500?

    Hello forum, I just recently bought a Howa 1500 Hogue in 7mm Remington Magnum, and it performs great. Sub MOA, took about 4 shots to zero with cheap factory ammo, and 162 gr ELD-X loads work amazing. I was relatively upset at the fact that the gun's barrel did not come with threads and a cap...
  8. Yochran

    7mm Rem Mag Recoil - How bad is it?

    Hello forum, Before asking for some information let me give a brief description of myself. I’m 5’6, 116 Pounds and 13 years old. But, I am not very recoil sensitive at all I’ve shot 00 Buck 3 1/2” Magnum shotgun shells out of a 8 pound shotgun, and on a .30-06 my favorite bullet weights are...
  9. R

    Howa 1500 7mm Rem Mag

    Longtime lurker, first time poster hoping to get some input from those in the know. I just picked up a Howa 1500 in 7mm Rem Mag at auction. Someone has put some love into it, sinking the barrel/action into a Knox SpecOps tactical stock, mounting a rail system, reworking the trigger, and...
  10. R

    HELP! Need a great rifle manufacturer for either a 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag!

    Hey guys im new here and a college student. My dad and I custom build a 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser three years ago and i love it. However, due to the college setting I cannot reload lol. I use rem core locks as the grouping at 200 yards is ridiculous. I am in the market now for a new rifle...
  11. P

    the 7mm Practical???

    Hey guys, I found this while I was browsing for how well the 7 rem mag does down range. This looks pretty friggin awesome. Check it out.The 7mm Practical. A Practical Magnum.