1. H

    7mm/.284 Win Hornady 180gr ELD Match or Lapua 180gr Scenar-L

    Hi all, did you test the cal 7mm/.284 Win Hornady 180gr ELD Match bullets over the Lapua 180gr Scenar-L yet? The Scenar-L shoot well but the ELD-M bullets do have a much higher BC. Also, the Scenar-L bullet overall length vary a lot, because of the bullet tip, which is not unique. Do you have...
  2. C

    Which rifle / Is Christensen any good?

    Looking to buy a hunting rifle for elk and bear. Going with the 7mm caliber. Looking to stay around $1000 for the rifle. There's a Christensen Arms Mesa and a Savage 110 that I've been looking at and was wondering if CA is worth the extra money. Open to other suggestions on rifles in that budget...
  3. D

    Reloading Equipment WTS 1000 7mm 162 ELDX

    I have 10 boxes of ELDX 500/500 lots. $45/box shipped
  4. dcogan@360Precision

    Firearms Custom Terminus Kratos, McMillan, Proof Research 7mm Bolt-Action - for sale

    360 Precision custom shop produced this rifle with the following: McMillan Adjustable Game Warden Stock, Terminus Kratos inlet ($850) Terminus Kratos Lite, Long Action, Magnum Bolt Face, 20MOA Right Hand ($1,450) Remington Long Action Oberndorf Bottom Metal ($185) TriggerTech Rem 700 Special...
  5. DI Precision

    WTB 6.5-7mm hunting bullets

    6.5-7mm hunting bullets preferably Berger. 156 EOL 175 elite hunter 168 classic hunter Whatcha got?
  6. Every Day Gun Guy

    Firearms SAKO S20 PRECISION RIFLES .243 Win|6.5 Creed|7mm rem Mag|.300 WIN Mag

  7. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD BULLETS: 6mm / 243 , 30 cal, 7mm - Hornady, Nosler, Speer

    Doing some cleaning- got some projectiles looking for a new home. **Open to splitting up lots** 6mm / 243 Bullets Speer Boat Tail Soft Point 85gr: 64 ct Speer Boat Tail Soft Point 85gr (Lot 2): 63 ct Speer Varmint Hollow Point 75gr: 81 ct Speer Hot-Cor 90gr: 90 ct Speer Hot-Cor 90gr (Lot 2)...
  8. J

    SOLD FS: 1000 Berger 7mm 190gr Long Range Hybrids

    For sale: 1000 Berger 7mm 190gr Long Range Hybrids (Two 500 count boxes). $550 shipped
  9. IdahoHunter208

    SOLD FOUND -7mm Hybrid Target

    Looking for at least 300ct Hornady 7mm / .284 180gr ELD-M (ELD-Match). Also looking for Berger 180gr Hybrid Target and Hornady 190gr A-Tip Let me know what you have!
  10. B

    Reloading Equipment 7mm 168gr custom Comp nosler

    I have 2 250ct boxes of nosler custom Comp 7mm 168s still in the wrapper. I paid 110$ a piece for them and just want what I have in them plus shipping. If located near se Michigan we can figure something out if you don’t want to ship them.
  11. lead ƒarmer

    SOLD Gun room clean out - 338 bullets

    I am cleaning out my gun room and have quite a few partial boxes of bullets and a few new ones too. Prices listed below DO NOT include shipping. SHIPPING WILL BE MY ACTUAL COST, I will find the best deal for you. That way people can buy multiple things with one shipped price. I can take Venmo...
  12. Newbie2020

    SOLD WTS: 7mm bullets and 7mm Rem Mag brass

    .284 cal / 7mm bullets: 300 150 gr Sierra MatchKing HPBT (all single lot) 100 162 gr Hornady SST 53 168 gr Berger VLD Hunting 57 168 gr Sierra MatchKing HPBT 75 162 gr Hornady BTSP 33 120 gr Hornady flat base Spire Point $165 shipped TYD for all bullets together. 40 cents per bullet if you...
  13. Bourbon_and_Bullets

    Accessories WTB: 7mm Ammo

    Looking for 7mm ammo. Would like to buy in bulk: 162 precison hunter ELDX (preferred) 168 ABLR Nosler Trophy Grade
  14. darth_ritis

    Left Hand Sale SOLD

    SOLD Selling my SRS and all its attachments. Willing to sell the scope mounts separately. Chassis and factory barrel have about 200 rounds through them. 35mm scope mount was used when I bought it originally. Spuhr mount is new has been mounted to the rifle but never taken out and fired with...
  15. EDMJustin

    Chassis For XM Length Action

    I am looking to do my next build in a 7mm Saum. I would like to build it on an XM length chassis. The only ones I have been able to find in my searching is the MDT ACC and the MA BA. Could anyone here give me some help on some other options if there are any. The ACC does not appeal to me. I...
  16. jackdesert

    Reloading Equipment SOLD ALL 7mm Rem Mag Hornady Once Fired and Virgin Brass, and Lee Standard Dies,

    For sale: SOLD ( slightly < or > than ) 200 pieces of once fired Hornady 7mm Rem Mag brass along with 44 pieces of unmolested brass with CCI 250 primers from the same lot. About 40 pieces of the once-fired brass are from some factory Hornady ammo (gold primers ). $120 SOLD 7mm Hornady 180...
  17. J

    Anyone have any experience with a rem 700 long range?

    Well I think I narrowed my new hunting rifle choice down to a Remington 700 long range stainless in 7mm rem mag does anyone have any experience with them, I've been told the triggers are junk so I’d probably replace it with a triggertech or timney... any issues with accuracy after a proper...
  18. Glassaholic

    Brand New Mark Chanylnn, Bighorn 7mm RSAUM Build

    Goal: To build a LR tactical/hunting rifle that could be easily carried in the Rocky Mountains The fun specs: • Bighorn TL2 SA RH action with magnum boltface and picatinny rail • Timney 510 trigger set at 2lb • Surgeon SA bottom metal (to be used with Alpha Type 3/4 WSM magazines) • Manners...
  19. NevadaMarine

    Rifle Scopes Scope Advice for 500-1000 yards

    Hello Everyone, I have a Savage 110E chambered in 7mm Rem Mag that was recently handed down to me. I am looking to put a new barrel, scope and trigger job on it. Here is what I want to do with it. I want to accurately engage variable distance targets/game up to 1000 yards. When hunting season...
  20. L

    Looking at having a muzzle brake installed.

    Thinking about installing a muzzle brake on my Remington 700 in 7mm Remington Magnum. Supposed to help with recoil. Not really sure which one to use, but I do plan on having a gunsmith install it. Will have him thread the barrel and install it. Recoil is not a big issue, but I am trying to be a...