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    Necking down a 300wsm to a 7mm-300wsm?

    Any feedback as to some of the techniques would be greatly appreciated. I am going to be using Norma 300wsm brass, and berger 7mm 180vld. Thanks
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    Range Report 7mm-300wsm

    400 yard groups There OK groups I wish I could have shot better today. Temp outside is 29 degress with a slight wind blowing right to left. First time I dialed on a MIL scope for range and JBM was damn near right on the money. I was shooting on the ground off a bipod and it was damn cold!
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    Got my Patriot Arms 7mm-300wsm today! Pics added!!

    Well got the rifle today from UPS. Its been a really crazy day. Jered does a hell of a job building rifles! I want to thank the whole crew for putting up with my ass. The final product is amazing. I will try to post some pics later (never tried before). Its everything I wanted and then some...