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    WCRC 2x1000, May 17th, 9AM

    Shooters, WCRC has a "pick up" date Sunday, May 17th. Corse of fire will be a 2x1000 long range match. Registration at 9AM, shooting starts at 10AM. Match fees for the 17th are $15 for the day. This is a great opportunity to get some practice in before the 3x1000 May 24th. If you have...
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    Team Precision Match, LRGC (SE PA) 5/9/09 9am

    http://langhornerodandgunclub.org/precisionrifle/precision050909.html We've run a team precision match before, but now we're going to score it like one. You can register as a single shooter and we'll pair you up based on skill level. Because we're not shooting for a brand new harley davidson...