1. D

    Accessories Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning Sale Getting rid of some of the things that I have no use for. You'll find the details listed below, if you need more photos of a specific item, send me a message and I'll get back to you. Prices are shipper to your door. 308WIN 10rd AI mag (x2) - $70 per. Both $130. High...
  2. D

    Accessories WTT Spuhr 4802 for 4902/4602

    Looking to trade my like new 4802 for either a 4902 or a 4602. Mount is like new, I just need one with less cant. Comes with the wedge.
  3. B

    SOLD Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather meter with LiNK (converted to Elite)

    Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather meter with LiNK converted to Elite. Includes original box, pouch and USB transfer cable. Used once - decided I don't need it anymore. $550 shipped. Venmo and Paypal. Price reduced. SOLD
  4. dockoz

    Accessories JP 308 High Pressure EnhancedBolt Assembly w/ Firing Pin

    Bought for $200 with a Criterion Barrel and went another route. Selling for $175 obo $150 (one of the forum members was kind enough to let me know that these are going for ~$175 at optics planet) I'll accept PayPal, Venmo, & Zelle I realize that I don't have any feedback or any...
  5. M

    Accessories MPA cheek riser, MPA night vision rail, Crossbreed hardware, and shooting stick

    Cleaning out the gunroom. PayPal F+F. Add 3% for PayPal Goods and Services Here's the prices shipped... $50 MPA Cheek Riser (cut open the pad to unscrew) $50 MPA BA Comp Night Vision Bridge with Pic Rail $20 alone or $10 with something else - Crossbreed IWB Holster Hardware $20 alone or $10...
  6. T

    Accessories Whole Bunch of Stuff

    First for sale post so if I did something wrong please let me know! I have a whole bunch of stuff I'm looking to sell. I will update the post as items sell. Not really looking to trade for anything, but willing to negotiate some on the prices. Prices do NOT include shipping. 300x Alpha 6.5...
  7. M

    Optics Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56

    Razor scope in excellent condition, used twice. Basically a safe queen I need to liquidate. No scratches, illuminated reticle works great. Included: Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56Riflescope w/ EBR-2C Ret. (MRAD, FFP) Sunshade cap Scope Mount Cantilever 34mm Extended Ring- 20MOA Front and Rear...
  8. Q

    Accessories Summer Clean out, ALG 6SM, KAC, Timney, PC + Plates, Ammo, Med

    All prices are shipped except the ammo, which I will do FTF in mid TN. I take venmo and PP. PM me your number and ill send good pics of anything on the list. Timney SCAR Trigger 175 KAC Rear BUIS 2-600m used, 2x available 160 Seekins 7.62 BCG used approx...
  9. CWhite0977

    Optics *SOLD* Leupold VX-3i LRP 6.5-20 x 50mm and accessories

    Leupold VX-3i LRP is gently used, light ring marks, all original equipment included. Glass is flawless, gun safe kept. Also includes the following; - Leupold Mark 4 Steel 30mm Rings (Fits with a R700 action or similar with 20MOA rail perfectly height wise) -Leupold Alumina Metal Scope Flip...
  10. J

    Optics Spuhr SP-4001 SOLD

    Catch and release. I just bought this used but it's too high for me. Condition is like new, includes all screws and leveling wedge. $350 shipped. PP F&F, Zelle, Bitcoin
  11. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Accuracy International AICS/AW Stock Badger m2008/m2013

    For sale a Accuracy International folding stock (1.5/2.0) with tan thumbhole stocksides that has been inletted for a Badger M2008 or M2013 action. I had a short action in it. Setup right now to accept AW mags but can also accept AICS I believe. Stock will come with Accu-Shot Accuracy...
  12. C

    Accessories WTB Griffin Taper Mount Blast Shield

    Hey guys, looking for the standard griffin taper mount blast shield if anyone has one to get rid of. Not the minimalist. shoot me a message if you have one!
  13. MinnesotaMulisha

    Accessories WTB: Foundation Stock Weights

    Looking to buy some Foundation Stock Weights. Anybody buy a set and not use all of them? Let me know what you've got.
  14. Kpchurch

    Precision Rifle Gear Where Can I Find - Quad Pod for Labradar

    As the title indicates, where can I find a Quad Pod to use with a Labradar? I’ve searched Arkco Machine and they are not selling them any longer. I’ve heard that Labradar might be coming out with one of their own sometime in the first 1/2 of 2021, but that time may slip, if it does happen at...
  15. 3ngineer

    SOLD Sig Romeo Zero - $120 shipped

    I got it used but never mounted it or shot with it. The lens has some dust but no scratches. Comes with 2 batteries. I included the Ebay link for reference prices. PP F&F or Venmo only please...
  16. TBM

    Suppressors Mossberg 500 accessories advice required.

    I have a stock 500, 8 shot, 24" cylinder bore barrel with rifle sights. It's going to be used for practical/combat style courses of fire. It requires pimping up, so any advice welcome. Now I can't have folding stocks as it becomes a prohibited weapon in the UK, nor can I reduce the barrel...
  17. scullti

    Rifle Scopes USO accessories

    I just got a USO (courtesy of rad, thanks) and was thinking of getting a sunshade and polarizer/ARD. I'm posting because I'm wondering about the overall effectiveness of the sunshade and ARD combo. I looked on the USO website and it claims that its ARD enhances low light detail and complements...