1. TresMon

    Rifle Scopes + moa scope base of pre accu-trigger savage long

    Help... I'm about to aquire a older (pre accu-trig) Savage Tactical in .300 WM. I'm looking for a tactical style +moa scope base. The only listings I can find are for the new style long actions with accu-trigger and fully round action. (The older, non accu trigger Savages were flat at the...
  2. Msprink05

    Gunsmithing savage trigger adjustment (pre accutrigger)

    So ive got a preaccutrigger savage that im planning on putting a new trigger in. My question is since ive seen do it yourself trigger jobs in the rimfire section, is it possible to do it with this trigger? If i do it wrong or mess it up i can just put a new rifle basix in it anyway so any info...
  3. galveston22

    Question about Accu-trigger (Video)

    Just got a 10FP. My question concerns safety. I am able to have the firing pin release (I think) by pulling on the trigger, but without actually depressing the "take up" trigger. The rifle came out of the box with the trigger set as light as possible. Is this normal? Here is a quick video of...
  4. mildot326

    Savage AccuTrigger Factory Setting

    Well a Google search and forum search has produced negative results. What is the factory setting for the Savage series of LE rifles? In particular the Savage 10FLP?