1. Q

    Firearms New Impact 737

    Brand new Impact 737R S/A RH 308 BF with AI cut $1300 shipped.
  2. SniperCook

    SOLD Bergara Action .308 Bolt face - 6creed barrel.

    26inch heavy Palma barrel 6creed barrel has 500 rounds through it. Still has life left, well maintained. Bergara action 308 bolt face with 20moa scope base. Asking 450
  3. SniperCook

    SOLD Bergara Action .308 Bolt face - 6creed barrel.

    26inch heavy Palma barrel 6creed barrel has 500 rounds through it. Still has life left, well maintained. Bergara action 308 bolt face with 20moa scope base. Asking 450
  4. P

    SOLD WTS Bighorn Origin SA

    I'm looking to sell my brand new bighorn origin. It was going to be part of build that I don't have time for anymore so I'm parting it out. It's after they switched to 416 stainless, with spiral extended handle, 20moa rail and standard BF. Asking $950 shipped, venmo or paypal f&f (or you pay the...
  5. Evorg73

    SOLD MPA Curtis Barreled Action for sale

    Masterpiece Arms 6BR Curtis Barreled Action, spare complete bolt assembly with firing pin. Fired Est 2600 rounds , For Sale was $950 drop to $800 Description: The MPA Axiom barreled action includes a Curtis Action with an MPA Hand lapped, Hand Chambered Match Grade Barrel. Weight: 7 lbs...
  6. SteelShooter24

    Firearms Stiller Tac30 with 6.5 Creedmoor Benchmark Barrel

    Barreled action for sale - $1700 Shipped to your FFL Stiller Tac30 Short Action 22" 6.5 Creedmoor Benchmark Light Palma, 1:8 twist - Less than 200 rounds on the barrel Both are cerakoted brown Chamber and cerakote by TS Customs Have load development info if interested Trigger and brake not included
  7. J

    Where's to send an action & barrel to get nitrided these days? Send it whole or separated?

    I've had a few custom AR barrels nitrided in the past at MMI Trutec and WMD Nitromet and I've been very pleased with both. Each was well under $100, but I remember a handful of places wanting to charge like $250 minimums and stuff for nitriding, too. Well I have a barreled action that I'd like...
  8. rustyinbend

    Looking for a Tikka T3 Action Wrench for 6.5-CM

    I have a Tikka T3x-TAC-A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor and I'm wanting to remove the barrel for a deep soak/scrub/clean. I'm finding an action wrench ... HERE ... but I can't tell if that will fit my chamber/action size. Anybody have a recommendation for where I can get an action wrench that's sure to...
  9. vegashelipilot

    Firearms ISO Action - RH short action 308 bolt face

    Looking to see if there are any deals on the used market before I pull the trigger on a brand new action. If anyone has an action they're selling PM with pics and info. Its going to be for a 6 creedmoor so only right-hand, standard bolt face please.
  10. Safety_3rd

    Firearms Dlc bighorn TL3 6.5 Creed BA, w/ 224 bolt, Two stage TT flat

    Dlc tl3 with bolt and 6.5 Creed threaded BA from Mpa. Shoots legit .3 MOA 5 shot groups with 140 eldm handloads. 41.7 gr h4350 mild load. A little synthetic grease on the bolt but I can clean it off if you'd like for pictures. Silencerco break not included but will include thread protector...
  11. NHA1988

    Firearms WTS/WTT Stiller LA 300 Win Mag

    Shoots great out to 1000 (that’s as much as I have available) shoots little bug holes when I’m doing my part. Just looking for a change. Stiller TAC 300 Bartlein 20” barrel with JP break chambered in 300WM XLR element chassis Gen 1 multi cam 1 Mag 20 MOA base Timney flat face trigger Bipod not...
  12. Endless_Soup

    Firearms Tikka T3x CTR .308

    Looking to sell this lightly used Tikka T3x CTR in 308. About 60 rounds through it. I really haven't gotten it out to stretch its legs unfortunately, and I'm looking to fund an LMT MWS Project. Comes with the original 10rd magazine. Ships from my FFL to yours... it's already with my FFL, so I...
  13. Wilcoxjace

    Firearms Gen 2 nucleus magnum action and T4A manners stock

    Posting a gen 2 manners action and manners T4A stock both are slightly used decided to go with a light weight build for hunting asking $1500 without a trigger or $1600 with a trigger from rifle basix
  14. unoigo

    SOLD WTB: Origin or other Action/ 6CM Barreled Action

    Looking for either an Origin action or barreled action in 6 CM. Would be interested in others but working with limited funds for a budget build. Looks like origin is out of stock everywhere but if you have a lead, would appreciate that too. For anyone looking to upgrade I have a new and...
  15. Y

    Firearms WTB. Remington 700 223 bolt. FOUND

    Found! As the title says. I am looking for a Remington 700 223 bolt.
  16. R

    6mm CM PRS Build

    I am in the process of building a new 6mm CM (not a reloader) rifle for PRS matches and I am trying to decide on the best action to use. I will also be ordering a 26" Bartlein barrel with a M24 contour. I am currently torn between a Terminus Zeus or a Defiance Deviant Elite. I like the...
  17. C

    Firearms Sold please remove

    Want to sell unfired LH Curtis Axiom 6.5PRC 22" barreled action by Al at MPA. Cerakoted black. MPA #7 contour. This was intended to be a hunting rig, but it's set in the safe for a couple months now while I play with my creedmoor. Comes in plastic case it arrived in from MPA. The trigger stays...
  18. BravoXray

    Firearms FS Rem 700 PRC 6.5 Creed B/A

    Testing the waters, I have new custom action and barrel sitting on the bench. Looking to turn this sale into funds to complete the build. selling the barrelled action from my Remington 700 PCR 6.5 Creedmor Remington 700 S/A RH -24" barrel with 5R rifling 1:8 -Remington lists the contour as...
  19. 6.5guys2

    PRS Talk Question about Curtis custom vector

    I’m looking to get into prs and I’m really leaning towards the Curtis vector action because I will b burning barrels and swapping them and I really like there system for that is there anyone who can give more info on this action I’m new to this forum just trying to get some ideas on y I should...
  20. Nicholi2789

    Accessories Please delete

    All done please delete!