1. Victor Co Heather

    155 grain Lapua Scenars actual weight???

    I just put 20 155 grain Lapua Scenar on my scales (one electronic/one manual) and found that they ranged in weight from 154.1 grains-154.5 grains. NOT ONE WAS 155 GRAINS FROM 5 DIFFERENT BOXES! Is this normal for Lapua? (my SMK almost always come out at the exact weight specified... the...
  2. Tyler Kemp

    Rifle Scopes Saw a "Counter Sniper" on top of an actual SWAT...

    Just a minute ago on the Outdoor channel they showed some SWAT competition and there was a AR-15 looking gun in 308 with a Counter Sniper 3-25x on it. It didn't show it getting shot but it said it was "good to 900 yards". Why not something proven?
  3. E

    How often to dis-assemble the actual bolt to clean

    Just wondering how often your cleaning frequency is for the internals of a bolt, on a bolt actuated rifle? You know, the firing pin, the channel it resides in, etc.