1. Wake_907

    Kimber 84 aftermarket Stock

    I have a Kimber hunter in 6.5 CM and am trying to find an aftermarket stock for it love the action and barrel but the stock isn't great.
  2. J

    Aftermarket Triggers For Bergara B-14R ?

    Could we create a post on the various replacement triggers available for the Bergara B-14R? I've read several posts on the subject. Sounds like some trigger assemblies are better suited than others due to the firing spring strength and/or aftermarket stocks. What are some of the problems that...
  3. D

    Sako TRG aftermarket parts

    Would the Sako TRG rifles be a more attractive option as a high end production rifle if there were affordable aftermarket parts? Parts including a bipod adapter for example versapod, picatinny rail/scope rings and muzzle breaks?
  4. Travis S

    Gunsmithing Aftermarket floorplate....

    For the FN SPR 308 mags? Any body know of one that'll increase the round count? Maybe someone who can make some? Great mags but it seems a waste with just 4 rds for reloads. Gotta be someone out there who can undertake it.
  5. Doc Holiday13

    Aftermarket SIG mags

    My friend just purchased a Sig SSG and they guy that was selling the rifle, was selling it on consignment. So when my buddy bought the rifle, the dealer selling the rifle went to the guy and asked for the rest of the stuff for the gun. Well the magazine can't be found apparently. You'd think...
  6. Twisted

    Advantages of an aftermarket bolt knob???

    I have seen many of them but have never shot a rifle with one. What is the advantage/reason for them? I love how they look but I'm sure it is more than just the asthetics as reason to have them. Anything I should be aware of when looking to get one for my Remington 700?
  7. P

    Sako Quad aftermarket barrels

    Hello all, Does anyone have both of the Superior Tactical and Lilja barrels for their Sako Quad? Just wondering how they stack up against each other? And if they offer a marked gain in accuracy over Sako factory barrels? Thanks. Pete
  8. H

    aftermarket stock for Quad .22?

    Other than the Manners stock that has been discussed here for the group buy, what other stocks are out there that my Sako Quad could slip into? (I'm decidedly not a fan of the factory stock). Any suggestions welcome.