1. N

    WTB Looking for .308 SRP brass, Peterson or alpha. Also looking for match dies

    Looking for preferably new or once fired SRP .308 brass, alpha or Peterson. Also looking for match dies
  2. N


    Looking to pick up one or two .308 AICS mags with no binder plate. Alpha mags are also acceptable.
  3. Fireman JB

    SOLD Dasher Impact Barrels

    3 dasher Impact barrels. Rock creek blanks spun by CJs Precision. Cut for Alpha brass, Berger 109s. Shot great just switched barrel brands and using a local smith. 26”, 7 twist, M24 contour, muzzle 5/8x24. Top barrel was spun on an action but wasn’t shot $300 shipped SOLD Middle barrel has...
  4. Arctic Cowboy

    Reloading Equipment SPF Alpha 6 dasher brass

    NIB 100ct Alpha 6 dasher brass. Bought it last year, ended up running lapua. Just looking to get my money back on it. $130 + shipping. SOLD to OkayshooterAJC
  5. Dalmore

    Reloading Equipment Tons of 6 GT & 6.5 Creedmoor Brass - Alpha, Lapua, Hornady

    Hey All, I've got a bunch of brass for sale. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking! 200 (two boxes of 100) brand new 6mm GT Alpha Brass $315 shipped SOLD Purchased from Mile High a few weeks ago and ended up going 6 Dasher instead. I opened one box just to look at...
  6. NHA1988

    Reloading Equipment New - Alpha 6.5 CM Brass

    Brand new Alpha 6.5 CM - LRP Brass - Qty. 500 $500 + Shipping Switching over to SRP so I don’t need there any longer.
  7. ShotgunDiesel

    SOLD Sold

    Excellent condition zp5 5-25 with the MR4 reticle. Turrets are crisp and glass is amazing. Tracks perfect, spurh, rmr and level not included. $2200 shipped and insured. It’s the best scope I’ve ever owned, I just get bored and want to try something else I have my eye on. Would take a partial...
  8. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTB ALPHA DASHER BRASS

    looking for 100 pieces or so of Alpha dasher brass to do load development while I wait on my alpha order. Pm me if you have any you'd let go. Thanks
  9. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment 500+ Pcs 6.5 Once Fired Eagle Eye Brass (Alpha Brass)

    Changing over to the BR world so time to let these puppies go. Only once fired from my Curtis Action. This is Eagle Eye Ammo and is actually Alpha brass that is just stamped for Eagle Eye. I have about 525 pcs give or take a few, got tired of counting at 500 and there were some left to count...
  10. Longshot79

    Reloading Equipment 6.5 Creedmoor once fired Alpha Munitions Brass

    Selling 100 rounds once fired Alpha Munitions 6.5 Creedmoor Brass. All brass has been deprimed and tumbled. Brass was fired in a Short Action Customs chambered rifle. $75 shipped CONUS.
  11. Curahee19

    Accessories WTB 308 ALPHA MAGS

    What to buy new condition alpha 308 mags
  12. Sgt. 0811

    LWRC Spartan Alpha first look

    All this talk about AR-15s got my motor running so I started looking for another AR. I got extremely lucky and picked this one up at my local shop. This is my new LWRC Spartan Alpha. The gun comes in a typical cardboard box with a well written manual, one 30 round magazine, small bottle of CLP...
  13. P

    chrony alpha master chronograph

    IF any one has used this chrony i have a question: if you have used any battery besides an alkaline, how did the chrony act with the non-aklaline or battery not marked alkaline. Thanks