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  1. SkepticalTiger

    Point of cleaning the entire bcg?

    This is just a curious question, but on ar15 rifles, DI specifically, if the bcg only rides on the upper along the 4 rails, the contact points on the key, camp pin, including the locking lugs. What's the point / focus cleaning the ENTIRE bcg save for inspecting wear patterns, looks, and I...
  2. N

    DSA Inc AR-15s

    DSA is known for the quality of their FN copies but does anyone know about the ARs they are building?
  3. shankster..

    DIY Cobbled Together AR15s, Terrible.

    I have seen so many cobbled together AR15s recently that were clearly hack jobs it is pathetic. It is becoming more prevalent all of the time. Even in gun stores with used ARs many are hack jobs with mismatched parts assembled with a hammer and a pair of Channelocks. I have even seen some...