1. Shifty17

    Dream AR Build.......Loading 98%

    This build has been a slow burn over the last almost 4 years, starting in late 2017. Has taken a lot of patience and a lot of foresight, two things that I have never been particularly good with. Going to give some context to the story behind this rifle before I dive into the build and the...
  2. Tai_Mai_Shu

    Member Link Up North Arkansas Long Ranges?

    I'm looking for some where to shoot that is 600 yards or over. I know I can drive 4.5 hours to Tulsa, OK, but would like to find some place to shoot a bit closer. I'm only 40min from Branson, MO. I travel around the country and I'm on the road a lot, but when I come home, I would like to get...
  3. W

    Gunsmithing Gunsmith in Central Arkansas

    Anyone know of a good smith in central AR? I am looking to have a new set of sights installed on my 1911.
  4. B

    Member Link Up SW MO or NW Arkansas

    Any shooters out there?
  5. W

    Member Link Up Any Arkansas shooters?

    I was wondering if there are any members around central AR?