1. S


    Looking into body armor at the wrong time. I should have jumped on it years ago... BUT - Hoplite/LTC vs Hesco? Any other NIJ certified brands worth checking out? Looking for Lvl IV's.
  2. WyCoShooter

    Accessories Hesco 4401 Plates

    I have a pair of these Hesco Lvl 4 4401 10x12 Shooters cut plates a few months ago off OPtactical for a chest rig project, I think I am going to hold off until summer to put it together. Looking to pay off some of the X-mas credit card debt instead, so not looking at trades. $380 shipped and...
  3. Strykervet

    Accessories IOTV Med./Long Armor,...SOLD

    ***Deal Change: $1300 as is shown, or $1500 and includes the 3 day pack below*** IOTV, Improved Outer Tactical Vest, Point Blank mfg. Current issue. Inserts never machine washed, always stored "as worn" flat or standing.. You can read up on details about 'em online. The vest is used but the...
  4. threefeathers

    How has body armor changed prone rifle technique?

    I've heard that young soldiers at Ft. Benning are being taught a tripod, elbows and magazine with legs spread straight out instead of leg being drawn up. Also has the use of the sling as a stablizing unit been emphasized lately.
  5. jeepone

    Rifle Scopes Body Armor

  6. 500grains

    Fieldcraft when a bullet goes through the armor

    I figure someone on this site has seen an instance where a bullet has passed through body armor and into a person. What I am wondering is if the person who was wearing the body armor suffers a lesser injury because the body armor slowed the bullet down before it hit flesh. To put it another...