1. spoon063

    Maggie’s Official Artwork thread...?

    I recall a similar thread from another forum that turned me on to some amazing art out there that I never would've found otherwise. Anyone have any contributions of (any) art from yourself or other? Heres a few a mine to get it rolling.... A marker piece My first painting My...
  2. M

    Rifle Scopes Redfield ART 1 scope

    I got an ART 1 Redfield scope that I bought at a gun show that needs the objective lense replaced and cleaned. Any suggestions for a good repair shop? I also need a base. I've heard they're more than the scope.
  3. HTR707

    Today's State of the Art in 6.8 X 43 mm SPC

    This might be a good time to do a review of the "state of the 6.8." What is my purpose? Well, there have been many changes since the first 6.8 Performance test I helped host at Wild River Ranch. I think it would be wise to help update those who have bought 6.8's and those still trying to sort...
  4. jester5900

    Photos art

    sweet GI Jane