1. Carlos0311B4

    Gunsmithing bedding problems in heat? (SWMP Article)

    Just read an articel on the Ashbury .338. It said that they went with an aluminum stock because "fiberglass stock displayed problems with accuracy after rapid fire strings in high heat conditions. The titanium devcon bedding would start to melt" 1st time I have herd of this happening. Anyone...
  2. Bushmaster7

    Rifle Scopes US Optics Article - Good Read

    There was a great article in the Summer 2009 Edition of Guns & Ammo Combat Tactics on the newstands now about US Optics. Entitled <span style="font-weight: bold">"Aiming To Be The Best"</span> the article is repleat with pics of John Williams III and some of the US Optics folks along with some...
  3. J

    Article in latest Blue Press ref. short barrels

    Anyone read the above article? I thought it to be quite interesting, especially given LL's video on shooting his 18" bbl out to 1K. I might have to try this out with a couple of rifles. There was another thought provoking article in the same issue about pistol reload procedures, but that...
  4. GardDog

    Maggie’s Time Magazine Article

    Is Baghdad Now Safer Than New Orleans?,8599,1894566,00.html This had the local news pundits screaming for a retraction.
  5. A

    Maggie’s PC World Article: Online Forum Jerks

    Had to post this, thought it was quite funny.
  6. A

    Article on USMC Precision Weapons Section

    New article in the current Leatherneck magazine online about the activities at PWS. <span style="font-weight: bold">Precision Weapons: Handmade by Marines for Marines</span> Some additional pics ... Eric C. Reid installs a universal night sight on a M40-A3 sniper rifle in the Precision...
  7. mdesign

    Range Report Article on rifle fit and long range accuracy

    Article on importance of rifle fit. From time to time I see threads asking questions on how to get LR groups better. The linked article talks about the importance of rifle fit and its effects on groups. It may raise as many questions as it answers but it is food for thought.