1. LilGucci

    Joe Biden's Assault Weapons Ban

    If Biden wins office this November, what do you imagine his assault weapons ban looking like? Legislation through congress and fought through the courts that will take some time or potentially immediate executive order? Do you imagine it being buybacks, or requiring all firearms to be NFA and...
  2. Fighthard

    Maggie’s British Waterborne Assault in Iraq.

    Worth watching for a good laugh. Happy Easter.
  3. Cutaway

    Pribor-3B assault rifle

    Man-portable nordenfelt gun of the Soviet era in bullpup form that apparently provided 'near minigun' performance by combining the ROF but to be suitable for a soldier to handle. It uses the 7.62x39 round but the ammo supply was limited as the weapon is magazine fed. The Pribor 3B assault...