1. grassy knoll

    SOLD B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ FDE

    Like new. Manufacture date is 8-2021. No range time. Almost no run time, but I have tested it to ensure its proper function. Works flawlessly. $2400 Buyer chooses method and cost of shipping.
  2. L

    Night Vision WTS: AN/PEQ-15 PEQ-15 ATPIAL FP ** 3b ** TAN FDE

    Like new. Only used a few times during a NV class. I'm selling because a) I no longer need it and I'm funding another project, b) I don't live in an area where I can use this at night and c) To get any use out of this unit would require airline travel, for an out-of-state class. Functions...
  3. grassy knoll


    Never seen Range time. Controls and everything work great. Clean and like new. Comes with all the stuff. $1200 shipped. No trades.
  4. icehouse

    Photos Best unrealistic toy for any 32 year old boy that never grew up...

    So this build started out as me trying to kill varmint. There was this real annoying rat I just couldn't get rid of, sssooooooo. The idea was only to attach NODs using a pvs-14 weapon mount, and ghetto rig it to the gun by using 100 mph tape. Then after a while I went with a bump helmet for the...