badger 30mm scope ring


    SOLD WTS NF Nx8 4-32x50 $1,675

    Used nx8 mil C reticle in great shape. I have the box still. Accept PP FF, Venmo, zelle. I’ll give pricing with and without badger rings. Scope with badger rings $1850 shipped Scope only is $1675 shipped
  2. Dvando20

    Rifle Scopes Badger Max-50 issues

    I just put a Badger Ordnance 20moa base on my Rem700. Went to install a pair of the Badger MAX-50 rings, and granted they are a serialized pair, one seems to NOT apply full clamping force onto the picatinny rail. The clamping (moving) part of the ring seems to not seat into the groove on the...
  3. Z

    pics of Rem. SPS Tactical with 50mm Obj. Scopes and badger rings and bases

    Can anyone on here please post pictures of your Remington SPS Tactical Rifles that have 50mm objective scopes and badger ordnance rings? Give full description of rifle specs like ring height of the the badger rings and type of scope, along with the picture. Im trying to see what size of Badger...