1. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories FOUND -SAP Solo Sack (lightweight)

    I’m in the market and wanted to check here first before buying new. Thanks!
  2. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD WTT/WTS: AG pint sized game changer (git-lite)

    Excellent condition, super light AND stable. $̶9̶5̶ $90 shipped or trade for - Game changer (must be great condition) - chronograph (magnetospeed sporter ideally, plus some cash from me) - 140gr ELD-Ms - unicorn tears / large rifle primers
  3. DaleAGribble

    SOLD ROOM CLEANOUT - 22ammo-rings-brass-SAP bags-

    It's gun room clean out season and I've got some stuff I'm not using so time to list it ********RINGS******** KELBLYS 34MM picatinny rings- used on 22lr for 2 matches, great condition - $100shipped **price drop $90 shipped** Bagder ord 34mm steel rings (full disclosure 1 stripped hole...
  4. Curahee19

    Accessories WTS match bags

    got some bags for sale most of these have never left the house there all in excellent shape and clean! Armageddon gear game changer green $80 SOLD Armageddon gear fat bag medium green $40 SOLD Armageddon gear fat bag large coyote tan $50 SOLD Armageddon gear big ass fat bag green $70 SOLD triad...
  5. BoltActionBrotherhood

    Fighting your shooting bags. ELR

    Hey Fellas, I was hoping to hear some opinions, thoughts and solutions for a problem I face and I’m sure many others do as well. When shooting prone I always find myself fighting my rear bags. I tend to need to use a larger bag like the big green Caldwell type bags to get enough height in the...
  6. CMonty256

    Accessories SOLD Armageddon Gear Med&Large Fat Bag / Wiebad Pump Pillow

    Armageddon Gear Medium Fat Bag $45 Shipped Sold Armageddon Gear Large Fat Bag $55 Shipped SOLD WieBad Pump Pillow $75 Shipped SOLD Detailed information can be found at:
  7. SOCAL

    Accessories SOLD - Eberlestock G3 Phantom Sniper Pack - Dry Earth Color

    SOLD Selling this guy after about 1 month of use. It is a VERY nice pack but I decided to go a different direction. It has some marks from being laid on the ground but no rips, tears, scuffs or problems at all. Paid $429 for it. Asking $350 shipped to your door. Post here and PM I’d you want...
  8. X

    Show me your pelican!!!

    Hopefully this can just be a fun spot to show off your gun case setup and give other people ideas on what to do with theirs... Whether you have a top of the line Pelican case, or the flimsy black case your gun came in (like me ;) ), be proud of your setup and post a picture of your case!
  9. Six Feet Under

    Fathers- what's a good tactical diaper bag? haha

    We are expecting a little boy soon and I was wondering what a good diaper bag would be? One I can carry an AR in and some diapers? J/K- I know this is a shooting forum but I would rather carry around a gear bag that does not look like the ones my wife picks out.. It's our first kid so I don't...
  10. C

    Homemade drag bag ideas?

    I'm thinking about making my own drag bag. My rifle dimensions are 43" x 10". I was wondering what kind of fabric to use, what kind of pouches and pockets, water bladder, ect. any ideas would help thanks!
  11. Firemarshall27

    tactical operations drag bag

    I did a search but does anyone have any info/reads on there drag bags. Or any links to previous hide topics on these. Wanted to see how they stack up to the Eagle. Thanks, FM
  12. A

    Drag Bag (Eagle) vs Eber Gunslinger?

    The recent post by Triad regarding the Eagle MC drag bags is causing this dilemma. I currently have an Eberlestock Gunslinger, and am fairly happy with it, but not really in love with it. Either will be used for hauling rifle and shooting gear from the car to the range, and some short hiking...
  13. M

    Rifle Scopes U.S. Optics spotting scope bag

    Hi, Like the title says, this thread is here to introduce our new spotting scope bag. The bag will fit our spotting scope, a tripod, a swivel head and in the case of the picture, a rifle rest. This bag is made for us here in the US and will be offered in Coyote and Ranger Green at this time...