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    SOLD SOLD - HSGI padded belt setup

    Used this belt for about 1 year, still in great shape, no tears or problems. Padded belt size is medium, inner “cobra buckle” belt is sized large. I wear size 34 pants and this worked perfectly with room to adjust up or down. Asking $100 shipped. Post here and PM if you want it. The pouches...

    SOLD SPF - HSGI Padded Sure Grip Battle Belt - Coyote Tan - Medium - $50

    Sold pending funds Selling one size medium HSGI Sure Grip Padded Battle Belt in coyote tan. Ive owned it for about a year and used it for 2 classes. No tears, rips, or major signs of use... it is in great shape. This is just for the outer padded belt so you will have to supply your own inner...
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    Photos Battle for Okinawa, 1945

    Colonel Francis I. Fenton prays for his son, PFC Mike Fenton, killed in action on Okinawa. The Fentons have a long history of Marine Corps service, with generation after generation, through today, serving America. (USMC)
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    match loads from surplus battle packs?

    hey yall, very new to reloading have a lot of questions but heres one. since components seem like a myth lately thanks to darkness, it ocurred to me that if one were so inclined they may be able to bullet pull some surplus NATO type rounds and reload with a 175 SMK for an improvised "m118 lr"...