1. CJP5

    Accessories $$$SOLD$$$ FS Accuracy International AISA 6 Dasher BBL for SNIPERS, NINJAS and overall BADASSES!

    $$$PRICE DROP$$$ Selling my barrel, sold my AT and AX rifles and need to clear our the rest. 6 Dasher bbl price drop: After market AT/AIAX 26" Steel 6 Dasher Proof barrel, 1in7 twist, AI contour, 276 rounds. Barrel is barley broke in, Asking $315.00. Was asking $490.00 I have fireformed Lapua...
  2. K

    Gunsmithing Smith to assemble DPMS LR308 bbls

    I have parts to build up several DPMS LR308s and am in need of a smith to turn the bbls, chamber, drill the gas port, install the bbl extension, and all related headspacing. I know GAP is not taking work like this until August and imagine there are other smiths out there that are used to doing...