1. R

    Rifle Scopes where is link for blind scope comparison

    I have been waiting for the completion of this blind test one of the members here is hosting. where is the link? and has the testing been done?
  2. popeyecop

    Hunting & Fishing hunting for the blind

    I have a step son who was blinded when he was 7yo. he is now 12yo and would like to go deer hunting with me. Im from Illinois and can only use slug guns. Im trying to think of a way that i could be his eyes for him while he hold the gun. any help please....
  3. rogue090

    Hunting & Fishing Deer blind window contraptions

    I have hunted many different deer blinds over the years, but for the most part once I got old enough and more responsible I built my own. The design I was most happy with had small shelves extended below the windows for binos, coffee cup, and most importantly a place to set up my bipod for a...