1. R

    Rifle Scopes Zeiss spotter- which body is best

    Zeiss spotter- should I buy a straight or angled body? I can't decide. Please offer opinions on this.
  2. slimguns

    Who sells the cool little steel body .22 targets??

    I remember seeing them on here months ago but I was broke and now I finally have some money that hasn't been spent on ammo and I can't find the guy. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Slim
  3. threefeathers

    How has body armor changed prone rifle technique?

    I've heard that young soldiers at Ft. Benning are being taught a tripod, elbows and magazine with legs spread straight out instead of leg being drawn up. Also has the use of the sling as a stablizing unit been emphasized lately.
  4. jeepone

    Rifle Scopes Body Armor

  5. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce scope 3.5-15x two piece scope body

    anyone notice that the Nightforce 3.5-15x scope is actually a two piece tube?