1. TangoSierra916

    Accessories WTS: Axmc bolt bodies

    For sale are the following axmc items (right hand version), won’t fit the axsr. Complete 338 bolt with firing pin (lfp) - $750 - or 400 each part 308 bolt body Bushed by LRI (now works with sfp) sold Prices are shipped PayPal F&f, Venmo F&f or zelle for payment
  2. dirkreader

    You know what Bolts going to talk about don't you?

    If you don't stick around for a few minutes.... Also, we are taking up a collection to encourage Mr. Ripper to shave the "stink collector" off his ugly mug. Please feel free to contribute. We are up to about $7.28 so far.
  3. M

    Remington 700 Education 2 - replacement bolts

    1. If a guy got any caliber SA could he get a .473 bolt face replacement bolt and be GTG? 2. From Pacific Tool and Gauge's web site <span style="font-style: italic">Most Remington Receiver sizes are .700 + .0015 ID. You can open the receiver up to a true .705 ID with the GTR Raceway Reamer...