1. Obsolete_Virtue

    Maggie’s My next great book idea...

    Had a chat with Barikade about it...he seems to think it would sell pretty well. So far I'm just showing the cover to see initially sight based reaction. May throw out an excerpt later. *hrrrm thought the image i saved was larger...will find larger and re-post when possible...*
  2. 7.62willdo

    Movie Theater nazi book question

    anyone know the name of that book that had the nazi vampire skull on the front of it??
  3. R

    Movie Theater Book at Walmart

    Guys, need your help on a book name/ author. Saw it at walmart a couple weeks ago,but did not pick it up. Since then,tried 3 walmarts in area,no luck. It was about a virus that started in europe during WWII that mutanted people into vampire/zombies. (I think that is close.) Cover had a skull...
  4. T

    Hunting & Fishing Elk Hunting Newbie - book recommendations?

    So I was drawn for my first elk hunt here in NV. Done a lot of deer hunting over the years but no elk hunting. Going to check with the BLM and G&F in my hunting area for advice as well but I was wondering if others had ran across good books on elk hunting tactics/trends/etc. Any other advice...
  5. captnmo

    Movie Theater Book - The Killer Elite; What do you guys think?

    Just wondering if anyone has seen or read this book? The Killer Elite by Michael Smith. I'm always a little skeptical of these books before I buy them. When they write about something that's so secret, it's not so secret anymore. So I wonder how much is true and if there's any political...
  6. A

    Movie Theater SH Book Club #8 (June - July - Aug)

    Most of you will not be able to handle this so stop reading now! Now, I have issued my challenge and it will remain open all summer. For those that have always wanted to take on a serious undertaking and have waited to do it the time is now. The next book will be: <span style="font-weight...
  7. NOMAD

    Advanced Marksmanship Data Book to enhance your shooting

    We are finally officially opened for business and ready to take your orders. Drop on buy the website and create yourself an account and you are ready to start building yourself a custom data book. For anyone that doesn’t want to create there own data book we offer a premade book as well...
  8. HiCapMag

    Anyone have a Sierra Loading book on hand?

    What is the max load with TAC for a 69 and 77 grain SMK in a 223? Thank you in advance!
  9. usmc7980

    Movie Theater "shooter" the book and not the one you thinking of

    Just finished it. I read it all the way through and it was excellent. A first hand account of Marine sniper that stretches most of his career. It has some interesting things in it and I highly recommend it. Here's the Amazon for it
  10. S

    Movie Theater Book - On Killing by Grossman

    Has anyone here read this book? What did you think of it and what did you take away from it?
  11. A

    Movie Theater SH Book Club #7 (May)

    <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">IN THE HEART OF THE SEA: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex</span> By Nathaniel Philbrick</span> Ever wonder where Melville got his idea from for <span style="font-style: italic">Moby Dick</span>? Now you know. This book...
  12. A

    Movie Theater SH Book Club # 6 (April)

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer by James L. Swanson </span> In time for the anniversary. I read this last year and then followed the entire route with my family one weekend on a staff ride. It really is an exceptional book and fun to read...
  13. A

    Movie Theater SH Book Club # 5

    <span style="font-weight: bold">The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism</span> by Andrew J. Bacevich. One Place To Purchase What really focused me in on this book a few months back was the continuous references to Reinhold Neibuhr, an author and much more whose writing I have...
  14. stephenmaturin

    Advanced Marksmanship Printable data forms for Log Book

    Excuse me, I´m looking for a pdf archive with differents log forms. I´ve seen it one time and know I´m looking for it with search machine and I can´t find. I´d be grateful to link it again. Thanks, Javier.
  15. G

    Fieldcraft Good Non-Fiction Sniper Book...?

    Good Non-Fiction Sniper Book...? Looking for a full nuts and bolts book that I can sit down and sink into. Thanks!