1. C

    Rifle Scopes Brownells brand Picatinny scope base?

    Do any of you have experience with Brownells brand Picatinny scope base as seen here… Brownells Picatinny Scope Base Any idea who makes it for them? Looks somewhat like the Warne base which is the other one I’m considering. I think it will work well for my application and desires assuming...
  2. J

    Big difference in accuracy based on primer brand?

    I'm new to reloading and I was wondering if there is a big difference in accuracy based on brand of primers. For example, are Winchester or Remington or Federal LR primers good for accurate loads? Thanks in advance. Joe
  3. B

    Rifle Scopes ffp mil/mil brand options

    k guys, just about to get my tikka varmint and am in need of a scope to put on top I'm after ffp mil/mil and wondering aside from these companies what other options do I have? ior falcon uso nxs
  4. Jrb572

    What Brand Cermaic Media do you use?

    I see the Cabela's brand media it's $49.99. Is there any other brands and any that are cheaper. Which brand works best? I have an RCBS vibrating tumbler.
  5. patches

    Rifle Scopes What Brand Scopes Use a 34mm Tube??

    I just purchased a new GAP Crusader and it is coming with 34mm badger USMC "issue" rings. I realize this should be an easy question for you guys, but what scope brands make a 34mm tube? I really want a Nightforce 5.5-22x but they are 30mm. The rifle is also coming with 1" badger USMC "issue"...
  6. RemXCR2009

    Wanted 308 win brass any brand

    I am looking to buy some 308 win brass does anyone have any to sell
  7. L

    Breaking in a brand new M1A

    Ok boys and girls I finaly got my my first M1A and it hasn't been shot yet. Matter of factly I just got it yesterday. Now I have a question about the ammunition that I am going to use. It is surplus ammo. Yes its pretty old but I got it for free so I'm not going to complain. I was wondering if...
  8. Turk10mm

    Brand New Reloader - and I can't even start!

    So, all my reloading gear has either arrived or is arriving. I've got 300 federal match 308 cases tumbled and half way prepped. I've got powder, bullets, and just about everything..... except some damn PRIMERS! I can't find anywhere in Houston that has primers. This is rediculous. I live...
  9. Pinco Palla

    Range Report just got my brand new TDS Recon with Nightforce...

    ...ballistic program loaded . The hardware in itself is 30% bigger and about 400% more heavier ( 522,00 gr ) than one IPhone 3G ( 122,00 gr ) , the colour is OD green , life battery is about 15-16 hours depending on which program/device ( bluetooth , GPS .... ) is activated, the machine seems...
  10. S

    What brand of upper / lower is good

    I am wanting to get a good ar-15 and a good ar-10, What maker is good for the upper and lower receiver? I had heard alot about DPMS so when I contacted the gunsmith who I wanted to do my AR-15 (a very well known and highly respected gunsmith) he told me that DPMS was garbage and that I should...