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    Range Report My Ballistic coefficient changes ALOT after 1200m

    I can get my clicks to match up to around 1200m. But from there and to 1600m my Ballistic coefficient calculator is way off. I guess it have something to do with the bullet flight speed getting to low and the bullet drops even more.. or? Rifle: Sako TTG-42 1 twist in 12in Ammo: Lapua...
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    Range Report BulletFlight photo contest

    I wanted to announce this here so Sniper's Hide members have a chance. KAC is having a photo contest. You can send photos of the BulletFlight Iphone/Ipod app in use in the field. http://www.knightarmco.com/bulletflight/ Email to: [email protected] Ideally also post them here. By...