1. lowlight

    PX Feedback Section - Quickly see if your buyer or seller is GTG

    Use this section for the Good Guys and Bad Guys ... Leave Feedback here for all to find.
  2. P

    Buying what I need to reload .308 but what dies?

    Wow, there are so many different dies for .308 and I am lost. I am going to reload for myself because factory ammo is so expensive and honestly not impressing me with accuracy. Should I get a FL sizing die or just neck sizer? I am planning on loading to a COAL. I have a caliper. Whats a good...
  3. jamesZ71

    Suppressors buying a suppressor from a friend

    a friend has a suppressor that he is willing to sell me,how do we go about the sale?
  4. ms6852

    Buying Ammo online.

    I have never purchased ammo on line and would like to buy certain brands that have been recommended such as SK and Lapua and PMC. Is there any extra fee that is paid for transporting ammo to my house by UPS or FED EX. Do I need to get permission etc.
  5. T

    Where are you buying your .50 BMG?

    Where are you finding the best current deals?
  6. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Ok buying seekins

    have an MTU(m24) contour barrel. what height rings will I need to keep the 50mm objective of my nightforce at adequate height above the barrel? I'll go ahead and buy the 4 screw 30mm rings.
  7. R

    300 WM, is Norma the best option for buying brass?

    Without Lapua and RWS .300 Win Mag brass, is Norma now the best option ? Is it good brass ?
  8. G

    Rifle Scopes Where are you guys buying your US Optics scopes?

    I know you can get the quote directly from USO's website, but do I have to go through a dealer or can I order directly from US Optics?
  9. mtm87tx

    Suppressors Buying a AAC 762sd as my multi caliber silencer

    Im looking to run a 762SD on everything from M1A's, AR10s, 308 and smaller bolt guns and AR15s and Ak47s. its my understanding that this is the AAC can to do this with and ive done my research on this however my concern is baffle strikes using my AR15 and AK47.. i have a armory inc bulgarian...