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  1. Redback One

    Redback One 3-Day Combat Pistol & Carbine Course Sept. 24-26, 2022 - Sacramento, CA

    Redback One 3-Day Combat Pistol & Carbine Training (Open Enrollment) Dates: September 24-26, 2022 Location: Sacramento, CA Venue: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center PRE-REQUISITES: Basic pistol and basic carbine training. COURSE DESCRIPTION This three-day/24hr course of instruction has been...
  2. P

    New member, long time lurker - moving to the SF Bay Area from Boston

    Hi guys, I’ve been using the Hide as a reference for at least the past six years and it’s long overdue that I finally became a member. For the past 4-5 years I’ve been shooting in matches with the guys in the Minuteman Precision Rifle League (now PRS New England) and in casual NRL22 matches as...
  3. JaysonF

    Ban on body armor in the works!

    Leave it to California to force their insecurities and lies on the rest of the nation! While I know there will be opposition to firearms laws being passed, I find it difficult to believe that anyone in Washington will outright oppose this. Buy your armor while you still can! Moving more and more...
  4. L

    california finally did it

    sorry, didnt reallize there was no more 2a allowed
  5. HBAM1

    So Cal MultiGun in April

    Guys, coming up next Sunday April 14th is the monthly 3 gun match at Pala. If you live in Southern California and own an AR-15 or similiar type weapon system, this is a great place to try your skills. Its OK if you just bought your first AR, or if you are a training officer for your SWAT...
  6. 2

    Member Link Up Southern California Shoot Saturday, July 25th

    Come out and join us Saturday, July 25th for our monthly club shoot. For more details about the California Precision Rifle Club, read our announcement here: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=162630 We meet-up at a park-and-ride in Newhall and carpool out to the range. The...
  7. T

    Is an AR-10 A4 bought in 1997 legal in California

    I bought an Armalite AR-10-A4 HBar in California from a Licenced Dealer. DROS was taken with the CA Dept. of Justice. I waited the 10? days. It was bought in december 1997 with the legal 10 round magazines. I've Never moved out of California. I have the DROS Number and CDF number, all the...
  8. RollingThunder51

    Photos As far from California as possible.

    Shopping for FA in Maine, walk in sort through over 300, God bless Maine. The other 49 simply do not have a clue....
  9. swarrick

    Hunting & Fishing California *Wilderness Unlimited*

    Has anyone here heard of Wilderness Unlimited? If so what have you heard?
  10. He Shoot Me

    Remi. R-15 for California

    Maybe I need to quit eating those mushrooms in my back yard, but I swear I seen an R-15 this weekend, well that and a Unicorn. I was at a local gun shop waiting patiently to pick-up my brand new .270, while the guy in front of me was checking out an Aimpoint for his rifle. He was asking the guy...