1. Ghillie art design

    Fieldcraft Ghillie suit raffia color field testing

    Hi everyone, My name is Bart and i represent " ghillie art design", a youtube page that posts movies about ghillie concealment. Building ghillie suits begon as a hobby but evolved to a passion. So in this thread i want to share some information/ pictures with everyone who's interested in...
  2. D

    To those with camo stocks and cerekoted metal

    Please do the same with your scopes. Been browsing a few of the "show us your:" threads and the black scopes stand out like Wonder Woman flying around in her invisible jet. :) Just an observation, not a flame.
  3. NevadaZielmeister

    Fieldcraft ACU Camouflage pattern really that bad?

    Gentlemen, I am not an "operator" or a sniper. I am a long range shooter who got a great deal on this Eberlestock Phantom pack for use in future sniper competitions. Here it is in ACU digital camp pattern on my hike today: <a...
  4. HeadShotBrent

    Photos Ruger 10/22 Desert Woodland Camo

    Hello everyone, a little why back I did a paint job on my 10/22 stock, it was my first job and I think it came out quite well, my Dad said it looked nice so I must of done something right. I used Krylon camo series FDE and OD Green, and some touches of black here and there. I am hoping to get...
  5. M

    Fieldcraft which camouflage pattern

    for hunting zombies after the pandemic and society breaks down into chaotic mayhem, which camouflage pattern will blend best in any likely environ?
  6. A

    Fieldcraft Material for camouflage

    Hi I wondered about someone knew about a store which sells burlap/jute, Netting 3/4" Cord. Camo sticks etc. I was thinking of making me a ghille suit for the hunting for goose later. For safety reasons its not possible to use rifle, and last season I didnt get in reach with the shotgun. And of...