1. ShotgunDiesel

    Optics Canon DSLR EOS 4000d

    4000D full kit. Additional lens 75-300mm along with the 18-55. Is just about brand new, has around 200 pics through the 18-55 and 50 or so on the 300. I’m upgrading is only reason I’m selling it. Takes great pictures $550 shipped including the 75-300. That lens alone is $200.
  2. R

    Rifle Scopes Canon 15X50 "All Weather" Image Stabilized Binos

    In June or July 2005 I purchased a pair of Canon 15X50 "All Weather" Image Stabilized Binoculars. I thought they would be great for hunting and keeping an eye on our 800’ driveway. Until recently I had enjoyed great service but a couple of weekends ago I had a bunch of friends from a concealed...